The Top 7 Fat Burning Foods to Reduce Weight Effectively

Some people may wonder why, after a lot of exercise, they do not see the results they want. They are still maintaining their unwanted weight and worse, they could be earning more. Perhaps what these individuals fail to see is the fact that what they eat have something to do with their weight loss goals. Here, we will be discussing the types of foods considered or called as thermogenic or fat burning foods. This means that these foods require energy to be digested and as a result, fat and calories are burned while eating.


Hot and spicy foods such as habaneros, cayenne, peppers, and jalapeno will jumpstart your body’s metabolism process. With a more active and faster metabolism, your body will be burning more fats. You will immediately notice this because you are surely going to perspire, a sign that you are burning fat. In fact, research has proven that burning calories and fat by eating hot and spicy foods is 25% faster than the normal process of burning fat.

Lean Chicken and Pork

What we are referring to here are the lean parts of both chicken and pork, not the fatty ones. These meat cuts are difficult to digest. The body, as a result, will spend more energy digesting the food. The energy spent on this activity will burn both calories and fat. The main problem with eating lean meat is its blandness and it is very likely that you will stop eating it very soon. To resolve this, mix the meat cuts with tasty foods. And please, control the salt.

Tuna and Sardines

Tuna significantly lowers the body’s content of leptin. As the body reduces its leptin content, the metabolism speeds up and as a result, it burns more calories and fat. The high protein content of tuna is also essential in building muscle mass, which also burns fat. Sardines, on the other hand, have a lot of nutritious fish oil that also helps in the fat burning process. The combination of protein, fish oil, and tuna’s ability to lower leptin is a sure way to burn fat with least efforts.

7 Fat Burning Foods to Reduce Weight Effectively

Green Tea

Green tea possesses a compound called epigallocatechin gallate. This compound is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants that burn fat because it fires up the nervous system and tells the body to burn more calories. This is especially so if the compound is mixed with caffeine, which green tea also has. You can also replace this with lemon water and get more benefits.


Beans have high fiber content. Fiber prevents the body from absorbing fat and it also aids in digestion and makes the bowel movement more regular. Aside from fiber, beans are also rich in protein. Just like tuna, the protein builds muscle mass that burns fat.

Whole Grain Cereals

This type of foods are very rich in complex carbohydrates. What happens when you take these foods is that the body’s insulin levels are maintained and controlled. As a result, the body does not get into a status in which it stores fat to compensate the erratic insulin activity.


You heard that right: eggs. True enough, eggs can be bad if taken in excess because they are rich in cholesterol. However, egg whites have high protein content. As mentioned earlier, proteins build the body’s muscle mass and this helps burn fat. Another thing that will blow you away about eggs is its high Vitamin B12 content. And guess what, Vitamin B12 is an aid in destroying fat cells!

Author: Aaron Matthew Ang@EzineArticles