How To Lose Tummy Fat For Real

Do you lead an overall healthy lifestyle and pay attention to eating low fat foods, yet still can’t see your abs when you look in the mirror? Wondering how to lose tummy fat for real so that you can strut your stuff at the beach or by the pool this spring/summer? Click here to see what to wear on a yacht in Cabo.

If you have fallen victim to the low-fat and fat-free food industry believing that low-fat or even fat-free diets are the best way to achieve a healthy toned figure with minimal stomach fat, then you need to change this misconception asap!

How To Lose Tummy Fat For Real

How To Lose Tummy Fat Fast – Weight Loss Tips That Work!

1. Why do you need to eat fat to lose fat?

Think of it this way, the body is very intelligent and will happily burn the things it is fed often. So if you eat a lot of carbs, it will burn carbs quickly, knowing it will be replenished. However, similar to hibernation, the body will hold onto the things that come in scarce amounts. Therefore, if you hardly ever eat fat, your body will store it all, since it doesn’t know when it will be fed fat again. You may find that you are doing hours of cardio or dropping your calories very low and still unable to lower your body fat. This is a sign that you are not eating enough fat!!! Try incorporating healthy fats into your daily meals in order to help facilitate fat loss. Fat also facilitates the absorption of Vitamins A, D, E and K.

Healthy Fat Tip: Try using plain extra virgin olive oil for salad dressing to improve absorption of vitamins.

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How To Lose Tummy Fat For Real