10 Moves For Total Body Strength

No matter what your fitness goals are for this summer (run faster, build muscle, burn fat, get healthy), including strength training as part of your regular workout routine will help to support them. From improving athletic performance to revving up your metabolism, strength training offers a long list of health and fitness benefits that make it an imperative part of any exercise regimen.

Together, the following strength moves (most of which require no equipment at all) will help you build total-body strength by strategically targeting all of the body’s major muscle groups. Plus, some incorporate a little bit of cardio so you’ll get your heart pumping and amp up your calorie burn while you’re at it. For a complete total-body, circuit workout, simply work through each exercise on the list for the recommended number of reps, then repeat the 10-exercise circuit two or three more times.

10 Moves For Total Body Strength

1. Boat Crunch

2. Single Leg Deadlift

3. Decline Push-Up

4. Squat Jump

5. Seated Twist With Shoulder Press

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10 Moves For Total Body Strength