10 Insane Home Remedies

Remember that bar of soap you think you didn’t need? Or maybe the egg shells that you threw away one morning? Turns out that these nifty things also function as home remedies. From random objects you thought you didn’t need to products that can be bought for a few dollars at a drugstore, there are a ton of home remedies available for improvisation.

1. Earl Grey Tea Saves the Summer Sunburn

Turns out, tea isn’t so bad for those hot summer days. This remedy only requires a pitcher, three bags of earl grey, and a bathtub.

10 Insane Home Remedies

2. Black Licorice Can Cure Constipation

10 Insane Home Remedies

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3. Marshmallows Soothe a Sore Throat

Camping and being sick doesn’t ever fit together, but at least there’s another reason to roast these delicious treats around a campfire.

10 Insane Home Remedies

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4. Kitty Litter Makes for a Good Mud Face Mask

All you need is a cup of kitty litter, some water, and a microwave-safe container!

Earl Grey Tea Saves the Summer Sunburn

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5. Egg Shell Membrane Can Help Stop Bleeding

There are many uses for egg shells. With another way to reuse them, you can add this home remedy to your First-Aid kit.

10 Insane Home Remedies

6. A Bar of Soap will Cure the Itchy Mosquito Bite

There are many things that will ease the irritating itch of a mosquito bite, but a bar of soap was not an unexpected one. This cure will always save you from a potential infection.

10 Insane Home Remedies

7. A Quick Run of the Cold Keys Down the Back of Your Neck May Just Stop a Nose Bleed

Although this might sound a little far-fetched this little trick is known to work. All you need to do is use one hand to rub the keys against the spine while using your fingers to pressure the person’s nose. Who would’ve thought!


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8. Shaving Cream and Listerine Combined Will Smooth Cracked Heels

By rubbing shaving cream on your heel and then wrapping a towel soaked with water and Listerine the cracks on your heels should be evened out—or so they say.

10 Insane Home Remedies

9. Egg Whites Can Reduce a Fever

This old Amish remedy requires egg whites placed in a sock. Once you put them on your temperature should fall instantly.


10. Olives Will Help with Motion Sickness

One of the main factors of Motion Sickness is the increase of saliva. Olives contain tannins that will reduce this, which will prevent you from vomiting.

10 Insane Home Remedies

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10 Insane Home Remedies

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